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If the Trailers for Jordan Peele's Us Are This Creepy, Will We Even Be Able to Handle the Movie?

Blood and beaches are not a cool combo, Jordan. Stop freaking us out.
Blood and beaches are not a cool combo, Jordan. Stop freaking us out.
Photo: Universal
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Now that the Oscars are over, we can truly start focusing on 2019 movie releases. What are the best films of this year going to be? Well, we have a feeling that Jordan Peele’s Us may be among them.


We’ve already seen a few really creepy, cool glimpses of the film, which stars Black Panther’s Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke. But Slashfilm just uncovered an international trailer that has new footage and it really amps up the intense, horror vibe of the whole thing. And there’s plenty of blood and dread to spare.

There’s so much awesome shit in that trailer (like all the shadows, holy crap) but the best part of it is, in the U.S., the release of Us is less than a month away. It’ll be here on March 22 and we can’t wait to be scared and fascinated by Jordan Peele all over again.


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Man, that trailer was amazing... super, super, creepy...

One question I have, though: why is this (Korean) trailer, so, so, much better than the American trailer? The latter is just sort of ... dumb.