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If the Trailer for Korean Film The Wailing Is This Creepy, How Terrifying Is the Movie?

Illustration for article titled If the Trailer for Korean Film iThe Wailing /iIs This Creepy, How Terrifying Is the Movie?

In an isolated small town, a determined cop investigates a string of unexplained deaths, as well as his daughter’s own mysterious affliction. Are they caused by a foreigner who’s suddenly entered the community—or something far more sinister that will require some supernatural countermeasures to defeat?


That’s the premise of The Wailing (a.k.a. Goksung), the latest from South Korean director Na Hong-jin, who earned excellent notices for his first two thrillers, The Chaser and The Yellow Sea. And if the creepy, breathlessly-paced trailer for The Wailing is any indication, he’s poised for a stateside breakthrough once the film hits U.S. theaters on May 27.


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Data Chandler

This was less “creepy”, and more “generic trailer”, in my slightly jaded opinion. That said, the movie itself might be incredible! But based on the title of the article, I thought it was a huge letdown.