Illustration for article titled If The Economy Gets Any Worse, The Government Is Coming For Your Cows

Finally, a post-apocalyptic movie where the bogeyman isn't a nuclear holocaust or plague — it's just the economy sucking really hard. In The Strawman, an eerily plausible financial ick-fest leads to martial law. And judging from this poster, it's not a good time to be a cow either.The best part about The Strawman is there is little to no information on it besides this amazing poster. The actual itty bitty synopsis is that after an economic meltdown, the government declares martial law and ENSLAVES all the people, which sounds eerily plausible these days. Of course, a small group of bandits revolt and escape. I can only assume this will be done in Milo and Otis style voice overs, the cow is clearly Otis, and dies, sorry spoiler. The Strawman is an Australian film and stars Taimak, who only has one name, like Madonna. We promise to keep you updated as we find out more. [24 Frames Per Second]


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