If the Candyland Illuminati existed, they would've directed this J-Pop music video

This is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, a Harajuku model/singer whose music video for the song "PONPONPON" won fans across the globe for its thrilling reenactment of what would happen if you subsisted solely on ayahuasca and gumdrops for a few weeks.


For her latest music video "Tsukematsukeru" — which is about fake eyelashes — the singer doesn't spare the inexplicable. Dancing lions, pastel Masonic iconography, infinite dog spirals, the most party-down fur suit devotees since The Shining...it's all there. Things start off strange, but the party doesn't really begin until 2:13. Hat tip to Holly.

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What was that music video from the 80's that was on mtv all the time and had some anime in it? I think it had a guy with a tight red shirt and a cigar, and maybe he rode a motorcycle?