If Syfy picks up The Event as a miniseries, there truly is no justice in television

Rumors are leaking out that the producers of the The Event are in talks with Syfy to revive the canceled show as a miniseries. According to Deadline Hollywood, "the show's creator Nick Wauters and executive producer Steve Stark told fans that there was a possibility for the sci-fi drama to continue elsewhere." Apparently, the "elsewhere" is Syfy.

Syfy took over a dead network show before with Farscape, which aired originally on Australia's Nine Network, got canceled, and then became a fan favorite for years after the cable channel gave it a final miniseries. But given how awful The Event was, and how utterly silly and incoherent its last episode turned out to be, let's hope Syfy is just suffering a momentary delusion.


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Not a fan of "The Event', but I would in this case watch it as a mini-series that had an actual ending. 'Course I thought the first season could have been edited into a pretty good four-hour mini series, so what do I know.

Off subject, and just because it is (slightly) driving me nuts, what network (in the U.S.A.) was "Farscape" originally on - I thought it was always the Sci-Fi Channel?