If sea levels are rising, let the floods come

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Paul Kirshen, co-author of an exhaustive new report on what sea-level rise could mean for Boston, talks to The Atlantic about the city's watery future. The study was released yesterday by The Boston Harbor Association, in conjunction with a series of storm readiness initiatives from the office of Boston mayor Thomas Menino. The proposals are part of the city's forthcoming Climate Action Plan, and are aimed at improving Boston's readiness for storms like Hurricane Sandy, including new buildings and better enforcement of flood-proofing standards.

Read more at The Atlantic.

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I have yet to see much concrete evidence on this oft-mentioned sea-levels rise. Loads of other Climate Change predictions are manifesting, mostly in extreme and unusual weather, but nothing on this. I also find it hard to imagine that a few inches increase will make that big a difference considering how large a range tides already cover.