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Science fiction loves itself some single-biome planets. Tatooine from Star Wars. Dune from Dune. Hoth from Star Wars. That water planet from Star Trek: Voyager. Coruscant in Star Wars. The Library in Doctor Who. Mon Cala in Star Wars. But which one would you pick to live on?


I’m going to go with the ice planet. Why? Because I hate heat and the sun with my entire being. The sun is an unwarranted attack on the eyes. Heat is the worst. You can layer to keep warm, but even stripping down to the bare minimum of clothing doesn’t do much about the misery of heat. As long as there’s food—a pretty significant problem on most of these planets, let’s be real—I’m perfectly happy to rough it out on an ice planet.

Plus, ice and snow are fun! Snowball fights and sleds and snowmen. Being inside with hot chocolate while it’s white outside is cozy. Chugging water because you had to tramp through a desert or swing around on vines or fell through clouds is miserable. So I claim the ice planet. Which one for you?


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