If Outlander's MacKenzies Fought Game Of Thrones' Starks, Who Would Win?

We drank Scotch with Outlander’s most complicated character Dougal MacKenzie, played by the delightful (and quite tall) Graham McTavish. And while we had him on the couch imbibing the good stuff, we couldn’t help but ask who would win in a fight against Dougal? He answered.


Full scotch tasting and Dougal questioning (complete with me making “this scotch has gone to my head” fainting gestures) to be released later this week, but for now just enjoy our Outlander LIGHTNING ROUND OF FICTIONAL FIGHTING.

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I haven’t read or seen Outlander, but given that the Starks seem to be mostly just really good at dying...or is this one of those, “Stortrooper misses every shot, Redshirt still dies” kind of comparisons?