If Only This Animal Crossing Animated Series Were Real

Isabelle realizing what date it is.
Isabelle realizing what date it is.
Screenshot: Gabriel Salas

Though you might have foregone it in favor of other video games, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing is still one of the most charming, relaxing titles to drop just when people across the world needed (and still need) a way to take their minds off the hellscape that is our reality. Animal Crossing encouraged all sorts of in-game creativity that quickly spilled over into the real world.


Take, for example, this fan-made teaser for an Animal Crossing animated series directed by Chile-based 3D modeler Gabriel Salas and animated by Jaime Mora. It captures the early moments of Isabelle’s day as she takes care of a couple chores before settling into her job at the Resident Services in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Short as the teaser is length-wise, it’s dense with tiny details that make it feels distinctly like part of Animal Crossing’s world, all the while aesthetically echoing Rilakkuma and Kaoru, Dwarf Studio’s stop-motion series about a woman making space and time for herself to be happy and take joy in life’s simple pleasures.

While Animal Crossing’s “story” predominantly revolves around players living out their lives and interacting with with other characters living in town, this teaser’s focus on Isabelle instantly sells the idea of a series following her day to day life working in an office, on an island, sipping her vacation juice, and just being a generally chill person. Keen as Nintendo’s been on adapting its video game properties into surprisingly legit movies and other kinds of projects, it’s not hard to imagine the gaming giant’s eyeing Animal Crossing and wondering “what if?”

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