If only one past Doctor could appear in Doctor Who's anniversary special, which would you prefer?

The rumor mill is going crazy about which past Doctors, if any, are going to appear in Doctor Who's big anniversary special this November. And you should just get used to it — the rumor-mongering is only going to get wilder in the next few months. But suppose just one of the living past Doctors could make it, or made sense in story terms?

Who's the one past Doctor that you absolutely want to see playing opposite Matt Smith in the TARDIS?


And yes, we threw in Trevor Martin (who was the Doctor for quite some time on the stage) and Richard E. Grant (from the BBC radio adventure "Scream of the Shalka") because why not? It would be kind of hilarious if one of those guys was the only past Doctor to return for the anniversary.

Top image: Three Doctors via Fanpop, artist unknown.


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