In an alternate timeline where 18th-Century rulers ride about in custom-made vehicles, Marie Antoinette's Lilicoptère is a personal aerial transit device where function grossly follows form. Covered in pink feathers and encrusted with gems, the Lilicoptère would be a glamorous bauble in which to crash and burn.

Artist Joana Vasconcelos is currently exhibiting her sculptures at the Palace of Versailles, and many of her works are a blend of the aesthetics of 18th-Century Versailles with modern technology and sensibilities. Lilicoptère, which sits in the 1830 room, evokes the early dreams of human flight and the sumptuous excess of the Ancien Régime. The craft's body is covered in feathers and rhinestones and the upholstery in embroidered with Marie Antoinette's monogram. It may not fly, but this imaginary machine is a delightfully strange and gaudy bit of retrofuturism.


Joana Vasconcelos Versailles [via Neatorama]

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