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If Lego Doesn't Make This Iron Giant Set, It's Going to Be Sadder Than the Movie

Illustration for article titled If Lego Doesnt Make This Iron Giant Set, Its Going to Be Sadder Than the Movie

It didn’t quite reach The Lion King’s level of box office success, but since hitting theaters way back in 1999, Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant has gone on to become a much-loved classic film. So much so that it’s about time Lego gave us an official The Iron Giant set, and it just might happen if Brett Cuviello gets enough supporters for his new Lego Ideas project.

Illustration for article titled If Lego Doesnt Make This Iron Giant Set, Its Going to Be Sadder Than the Movie

In addition to a fully-articulated version of the Iron Giant itself, Brett’s proposed 2,000+ piece set would also come with Lego minifig versions of the human characters in the film including Hogarth Hughes, Annie Hughes, Kent Mansle, and Dean McCoppin.


In order for Lego to seriously consider putting this set into production, Brett’s Lego Ideas project needs to hit 10,000 supporters, and with almost 600 days left, he’s already at 1,000. So if you want one, you’re going to have to convince your friends, and your friend’s friends, to head on over to the Lego Ideas site and pledge your support.

[Lego Ideas]

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But for Lego to consider it realistically, it has to meet the ‘kid’ factor.

How much and how well can a kid actually play with this set? I’m thinking not very much at all and not very well. Too many parts and too thin sections to actually stand up to the rigour of actual play

*You* want it, so as an adult you can make it up, then sit it on a shelf somewhere so you can look at it and daydream about the movie. Kids don’t want to do that. Additionally parents aren’t likely to shell out the $300 -400.00 for this set for a kid to do that.

When I played with Lego (and I do again thanks to the miracle of grandkids, I recently dragged out my box-o-Lego that had waited patiently in the cupboard for 20 years...) I always looked at any set for what new unique pieces it gave me and how I might put them to other uses. What the actual set was came secondary to that. This has heaps of great parts but if you’re just going to lock them away in the made up kit, then what’s the point?