Sometimes, despite everyone’s best intentions, actual comic books are discussed at Comic-Con. Heck sometimes comic news is announced, although you can barely hear it over the movie and TV panels. Here’s the biggest actual comic news that managed to come out of this year’s Comic-con.


• Marvel’s next event is the Jonathan Hickman-penned “Infinity,” which details what happens when Thanos comes to Earth and the main Avengers are elsewhere in the galaxy. The other groups of Avengers, as well as the Thunderbolts and Nova, have to protect the planet. This will lead directly to the “Inhumanity” event, which in turn will lead to the launch of Matt Fraction’s Inhumans series. Meanwhile, there’ll be a tie-in “Infinity: Heist” which Iron Man villains try to take over Stark Enterprises in an Ocean’s 11-type scheme.


• The new X-Men event will be X-Men: Battle for the Atom, beginning in September, in which X-Men from the future arrive to send the X-Men from the past (who have recently shown up in the Marvel Universe’s present) back home. It’s an epic battle meant to mark the X-Men’s 50th anniversary this year, and has nothing to do with Infinity. Also, the currently dead Nightcrawler will be returning to the Jason Aaron-penned new series Amazing X-Men, due in November.

• After the “Hunger,” storyline, Brian Michael Bendis will write the next Ultimate event, not so subtly titled Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand. It’ll begin in November.

Dr. McNinja’s Chris Hastings will write a five-issue miniseries titled Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe. I expect great things from this book.


• Writers Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill are launching a new series, Revolutionary War, which will reintroduce character from the ‘80s Marvel UK imprint, including Motormouth, Dark Angel and the Knights of Pendragon.

• Keiron Gillen is writing the sequel to Wolverine’s Origin,



• DC’s debuting a monthly Harley Quinn comic this year by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.

• DC is producing a Batman and Robin/Scooby-Doo team-up book for DC Digital.

• DC actually didn’t have a lot of news, obviously, but Comics Alliance has a collection of the best tidbits from their panel.


Dark Horse

• Dark Horse had the most interesting new comic announcement of the con with Buzzkill, a series by Donny Coates and Toadies percussionist Mark Reznieck, about a guy who gains superpowers from booze and drugs. This leads to blackouts and the death of innocents, but his powers don’t do anything against rehab.

• The original Terminator universe will continue thanks to a 12-issue Terminator: The Final Battle series by J. Michael Stracznski.


• After the success of Kelly Sure DeConnick’s Ghost miniseries, Dark Horse has announced it will be an ongoing series beginning in November.

• The first two installments of the 6-issue Planets Vs. Zombies comic debuted, and are currently available via Dark Horse Digital.



• IDW has the rights to make a comic adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, which should be fun.

• Eric Shanower and Gabriel Rodriguez will write Return to Slumberland, set in the world of Windsor McKay's classic Little Nemo in Slumberland comics.


• Additionally, IDW’s partnership with 2000 A.D. extends, as IDW is set to reissue the old Rogue Trooper series as well as publish a new series.

• Walt Simonson, best known for his incredible work on Marvel’s Thor, has created Ragnorak, a new series based on the Norse gods to be published by IDW. They’ll also republish his old Star Slammers series.

• IDW will also rerelease Sam Keith’s The Maxx as a monthly series with new colors and new covers by Keith himself.



• Ed Brubaker, who left Marvel to go creator-owned, will begin a new spy thriller called Velvet, about a secretary who used to be the world’s most dangerous spy, who is framed for the murder of another agent.

Rocket Girl will be about a 15-year-old cop from an alternate version of 2013 who heads back to 1986 to figure out why her present sucks.


• Rick Remender will be writing two new books: Black Science, about a mad scientist making poor decisions, and Deadly Class, about a school that trains assassins.

Dream Police and Book of Lost Souls will return.

• Robert Kirkman will be releasing 12 issues of The Walking Dead in seven month as the conflicts in the series get larger. Also, Skybound will release Spanish-language trades of The Walking Dead in America, which is pretty cool.


Manifest Destiny will begin in November, a series that reveals the secret history of the Lewis and Clark expedition and how the Louisiana Purchase was originally fill of monsters.

• David Shullner’s series Clone has been optioned for a 2014 TV pilot.


30 Days of Night’s Steve Niles will revamp and relaunch their Army of Darkness comic, which will be set back in the 1300s.


As previously mentioned, Dynamite will also be publishing a Heroes “Season 5” comic, because it hates you.

• On a happier note, they’re also producing a Robotech/Voltron crossover, which should be fun.


• J. Michael Straczynski will also write a Twilight Zone comic of three four-issue tales. JMS was actually a story editor for the third season of the ‘80s show, so this isn’t his first trip into the Zone.


• Yes, even Archie has to fight the zombie apocalypse. Here’s the trailer:


Apparently, the invasion begins when Jughead runs over Reggie’s dog, has Sabrina the Teenage Witch revive it, it bits Jughead, and turns him into a zombie. Good lord.


Harbinger Wars writer Joshua Dysart accidentally revealed he’ll writing the new Valiant’s first universe-wide crossover.



• A new series based on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers begins in May 2014.

• Papercutz will publish two WWE titles; one is unnamed and aimed at kids, the other is titled WWE, will be set in the “WWE Universe” past and present, and be written by noneo ther than wrestling superstar Mick Foley.


Top Cow

• President/COO Matt Hawkins will write a comic set in author David Weber’s Honor Harrington scifi universe, titled Tales of Honor.

• There will also be a Teen Witchblade series.


• Author Chuck Palahniuk is writing a graphic novel sequel to Fight Club. He hasn’t picked a publisher yet, though.