If Chris Pratt's the Star of Cowboy Ninja Viking, It's Perfect Casting

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We've blown far past the point where any Chris Pratt casting seems out of left field. He could say yes to anything now, and we'd all shrug and go "Okay. I'd see it." So if Collider's sources are right that he's going to be the lead in Cowboy Ninja Viking, that sounds pretty much perfect.


The first adaptation of the graphic novel by writer A.J. Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo has been around for a while, before being booted from Disney for being "too edgy." The script came from Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Zombieland), and it's nice that Disney didn't insist on a rewrite. It's now got a home at Universal and, apparently, a star in Pratt.

Cowboy Ninja Viking is the story of Duncan, the product of program that makes agents out of people with multiple personalities. The agents are called "Triplets" for the three different personalities that are put on the job. Duncan escapes and tracks down the billionaire behind the program.


In addition to Pratt's casting, Collider adds that the script has each of the personalities (the titular Cowboy, Ninja, and Viking) are actually played on screen by different actors. They just all look like Duncan to outsiders. Which sounds like a film with a lot of cutting between one actor doing a scene as one of the personalities and back to Pratt doing the same scene as Duncan. Assuming, of course, that the script still looks like that once they start filming. But if there's one actor that's proven range in the last year, it's Pratt.

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I was somewhat tolerant of the movies based on stupid things 9 year old boys want, even though I had no interest in watching most of them. Having glanced at Pacific Rim recently and being completely appalled at the inanity, I am now less tolerant.

Anything named Cowboy Ninja Viking is taking things two hundred and thirteen steps too far. Please make it go away.