If Beatrix Potter ran Hell, it would look like this taxidermy museum

Walter Potter (no relation to the Peter Rabbit author) was an eccentric nineteenth century taxidermist who condemned small mammals to an eternity of indignities. Here's a newsreel from the 1960s depicting a visit to Potter's museum. According to the YouTube description from British Pathe:

The original narrations states "Potter was a genius who made fur-lined dolls into whimsical but veritable works of poetic art". Of course some people today would see his life's work as abhorrent and disgusting. He was undoubtedly a true British eccentric.

Some of the tableaus took years to arrange. The museum still exists today but has moved to Devon, and there is a sign there stating that the animals died of natural causes.


You can read more about Potter's ghoulish little manimals on Morbid Anatomy.

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