If Batman v Superman Is Half as Good as This 'Deleted Scene,' We're in Good Shape

Sunday was supposed to be all about the Oscars on Jimmy Kimmel Live but, really, it was all about Batman v Superman. The host had Ben Affleck on to talk about the movie, premiered a new clip, and showed this special “deleted scene” from the film.

This, of course, was not an actual “deleted scene,” but instead a skit based on a scene from the trailer. In the actual movie, Bruce Wayne arrives at a Lex Luthor benefit and is interviewed by Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent. This recreation inserts Kimmel into the proceedings with Batman v Superman stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and even Jesse Eisenberg. Make sure you stay until the end for a surprise guest!

[Jimmy Kimmel Live]

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I’ve got to admit— from an European perspective, this talk show style skit is terrible. Goes to show how humor is all in the editing, here there’s a slowness of pace that’s cringe-worthy, and the fact that it’s just one joke repeated for five minutes...

I don’t get you Americans. Improvised talk shows are atrocious and fine we let you have that but come on, that thing was scripted. What is wrong with your tastes.