If Batman and Superman Were Pokémon Trainers, Who Would Win In a Battle?

Cartoon Hooligans

As long time frenemies, Batman and Superman are no strangers to fighting each another. We all know that Bruce and Clark are both perfectly capable of beating the crap out of each other with their fists, have you ever considered which of them would win... if they were Pokémon trainers? Of course you have.

In Cartoon Hooligans’ reimagining of the Justice Leaguers as people living in a world with Pokémon, Superman isn’t just a regular trainer, he’s the undefeated gym leader of Metropolis. Seeing as how Batman’s on a mission to become a Pokémon master, he rolls up on Superman and challenges him to a battle with the intention of winning a Kryptonite badge.


It goes without saying that Batman would specialize in dark type Pokémon and Superman would favor steel types. Rather than sticking to canonical monsters, Cartoon Hooligans turn the characters’ respective personalities into Pokémon—the lion-like Supermane and Nightwingwing.... a humanoid thing that fights with batons.

Like any good gym match, Batman vs. Superman lays on the melodrama pretty thick, but it’s all worth it for the (predictable) turn of events that decides who wins the battle.

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