If American Horror Story's Stupid Mystery Theme Isn't 'Screaming Spider,' It Should Be

Illustration for article titled If iAmerican Horror Story/is Stupid Mystery Theme Isnt Screaming Spider, It Should Be

American Horror Story’s sixth season begins next week, praise be to Twisty the Clown, and we can finally see if the show will live up to its intricately deceptive marketing. What is the theme? Is it The Mist, which still sounds awfully vague? Or is this arrestingly horrific new promo giving us a taste of what’s coming?

Can’t wait for American Horror Story: NOPE NOPE NOPE FOREVER to begin, September 14 on FX.


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What’s funny about these “teasers” is they’re ultimately no less vauge than the ones for previous seasons. It just shows how completely meaningless they are removed from context.

American Horror Story: Try Hard.