Identity of mystery monster revealed at last

Earlier this month, Canadian hikers stumbled across the carcass of this bizarre-looking creature. Now scientists think they know what it is.

Two women hiking in the Ontario wilderness came across this foot-long creature, who had washed up on shore.


It looks like some kind of trout with fur. Cryptid enthusiasts wondered if it might be the little brother of the Montauk monster. But in fact, the creature is most likely just an ordinary little mammal who drowned and lost some of its fur and cuteness.

According to Cryptomundo:

James L. Patton, Curator and Professor Emeritus, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, [writes]: "[The] mystery critter looks more like a mink than an otter to me (longer fingers, without any evidence of webbing). It clearly was dead in the water for a prolonged period, hence the defurred face and head, and somewhat swollen appearance….If anyone had bothered to look at the teeth, the identification would have been easy, but…."


via Cryptomundo


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