Icelandic Horror Trailer I Remember You Hints at Dark Secrets and Malevolent Spirits

Image: IFC
Image: IFC
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Scandinavian horror is a particularly chilling subset of the genre—for obvious reasons (duh, it’s cold there), but also because filmmakers from that region tend to construct films blending slow-burn dread with sudden moments of otherworldly terror. I Remember You looks very much in that vein.


Like Sweden’s frosty vampire tale Let the Right One In, Iceland’s I Remember You is based on a best-selling novel. The creatures are not quite so apparent in the trailer for Óskar Thór Axelsson’s adaptation of the latter, however. A child’s unsolved disappearance haunts his family—and then other things begin haunting other people, too, and some very dark local history starts coming to light.

The word scrawled on the wall (or walls, it looks like), is “ohreinn,” which translates to “dirty” (in the “impure” sense). Here’s the official synopsis, courtesy of IFC Midnight, which suggests there’s a lot more spookiness to this movie than the cryptic trailer reveals:

An elderly woman hangs herself in a church. A grieving father searches for the truth about what happened to his missing son. And a trio of young city dwellers unleash a sinister force when they begin renovating a cursed home on a remote island. They don’t know it yet, but each of these strangers is connected by a disturbing, decades-old secret—a mystery that holds the key to a series of terrifying supernatural events. Based on the acclaimed novel by the “Queen of Icelandic Crime,” this atmospheric chiller is both a hair-raising ghost story and a powerful tale of life beyond death.

Here’s the grim-looking poster, too:

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I Remember You will be out in theaters, on VOD, and on digital platforms November 10.

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The original book ‘Ég man þig’ by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir was beautifully translated into English as ‘I remember you’ and is well worth a read. There is a palpable air of menace to the whole thing which is all too understandable if you ever go for a walk in the more remote parts of the Icelandic countryside which is littered with abandoned farms and houses left behind as people gave up trying to scratch a living and moved to Reykjavík.

If this movie is half as good as the book it will be a real treat.

And I hope Yrsa writes more horror stories, there’s so much lurking in Icelandic myths and legends that makes the blood run cold. She’s also a cracking crime fiction writer - I’d recommend the series that starts with ‘Last Rituals’ and ends with ‘The Silence of the Sea’. Again they are seamless translations.