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Sometimes you're reading io9 and say to yourself, "I would like to subscribe to your newsletter!" Well, now you can! We've got a revamped newsletter that goes out once a day, and brings our top stories to your inbox.


Maybe you have one of those jobs where your web usage is monitored, so you'd like to read io9 in your mail. Or perhaps you'd like to get just our most awesome story of the day, instead of doing all that clicky crap on the blog. Whatever your reason, we've got a nicely-designed new newsletter that will bring you one, full story plus links to a few other top stories of the day.

Want to know what our fabulous daily newsletter will look like in your email? Follow this link. (Note: If you are like me and have images and/or HTML turned off in your mail, it won't look as pretty. Tragically we do not have a text-only option for those of you still using pine.)


Here are some newsletter facts:
- Our revamped newsletters launched last week
- Completely new design, which looks really good
- One newsletter a day, every weekday
- You get one full story
- Plus links to five other top stories of the day - follow the links or don't!
- And you can share! It's easy to share our newsletter the old "forward" button, or via Digg / Facebook / Twitter

How To Subscribe:
- Above the masthead on the left sidebar there's a newsletter sign up box. Do it!

Are there other ways to read io9?
- You can read top stories via Facebook or Twitter, too! You can find links to those options right below the masthead.

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Hmmm... I'd rather stalk the site several times a day.

Besides - I'd miss the comments. Ya'll are interesting.