Those patiently waiting for super-articulated, well-sculpted, 6-inch action figures of the characters of Game of Thrones, your wait is over. Literally. Go to a Barnes & Noble right this instant and these all-new figures may be available — and they'll be out everywhere else on February 15th!

The figures are from Funko, and not to be confused with their retro 3 3/4-inch Re:Action line we saw last Friday. Again, these figures are 6-inch, have multiple points of articulation, and were sculpted by the folks doing the 6-inch Star Wars Black line for Hasbro. The first wave, as you can see, includes Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Daenerys, the Hound and a White Walker:


The photos are funky because they came from eBay auctions. Of course, the face sculpts are hardly perfect, but the armor and outfits look great (and they've snuck the articulation in there extremely well).

Although Funko gave these things a hard release date of February 15th, apparently some Barnes & Noble stores have accidentally put them out early, which is why you might be able to find them there. If you don't see them, don't worry — you only have five more days to wait.


[Via Poe Ghostal and ToyArk]