I Would Buy This New Ghostbusters HQ Set, Lego Be Willing

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Ghostbusters fans already got the ultimate Lego set when the company released the original movie’s iconic firehouse in brick form earlier this year. But the new team is also going to need a place to store their own Ecto-1, and this fan-proposed one looks pretty damn great.


Yes, it’s another dream -build submitted to Lego’s crowdsourced pitch site Lego Ideas, this time from Lego user BaronSat. Based on the Chinese restaurant we’ve seen in the new Ghostbusters trailers as the group’s base of operations (and it’s impressively recreated, given that it’s literally just from snippets in the trailers!), the set has three rooms: the slightly-too-small-for-a-hearse garage, the downstairs restaurant area, and Abby and Holtzmann’s research lab on the top floor.

It’s really well done, and the detailing is fantastic, especially the Chinese lettering on the sign being made entirely out of Lego. It’s only just been submitted, so as of writing the set has a meagre 32 of the 10,000 votes required before it gets put towards Lego for review. But who knows, maybe the new Ghostbusters could have a big playset of their own to put next to the Firehouse. Lego Dimensions is already adding a story pack for the film that features a more stripped down take on the restaurant as scenery, but this would be way better!

[Lego Ideas via CBR]

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This is so stupid. This building is in Boston, along with a majority of the movie. The original film was such a New York film, and the setting was such a big part of the original, another reason why this movie sucks so so much. There is nothing authentic about it.

Before anyone starts, yes some interiors of the originals were shot in LA, but every single building and exterior short was in New York.