Starring Adam West Trailer Shows How Hard Life Was After Batman

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Adam West is Batman and always shall be Batman. And while his TV career donning the cape and cowl was quite successful, the journey after it was much, much harder. The documentary Starring Adam West takes a look at the little known plight of the actor who "peaked" in Gotham.


Starring Adam West is the real talk look at what happened to the Bat after he hung up his utility belt. It's harsh, but as we all know, there's a silver lining today thanks to fans and Family Guy. Here's the official synopsis:

In 1966 Adam West was on top of the world. The farm boy from Walla Walla was on a meteoric rise to fame as the star of the ABC series Batman. But after three seasons, the series was cancelled, leaving West typecast as the caped crusader. But Adam West never gave up. Through good years and bad he continued to follow his passion, pursue his craft, and fight his way back. "Starring Adam West" is the story of a Hollywood survivor, a family man, and the loyal fans who will stop at nothing to see their super hero justly rewarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Starring Adam West is currently hitting the festival circuit and will premiere on Starz as well.

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I wonder if they cover what he felt about being approached to play Simon Trent in Batman: The Animated Series?

On one hand it's another Batman-related job, but on the other it was written in way that acknowledged the difficulties the association had on his career and life. Seemed like it could have been a bit cathartic.

I was like 5-6 when it first aired, and when I found out it was the 'other' tv Batman who was playing him, it was the first time I entertained the idea that the guy who got to be Batman probably hated being Batman.