Have you ever wondered just how far and how frequently your ball travels during a game of pinball? Have you ever wanted a record of a particularly high-scoring game? Graphic designer Sam Van Doorn modified a pinball machine that does more than just record the highest scores: it records every path the ball travels over the course of your game.

For his STYN installation, Van Doorn built a simple pinball machine with a small twist. Posters can be fitted over the table so that, at the end of your game, you have a unique representation of your game. (It's not clear from his write up whether the ball itself contains a pigment or if there's pigment underneath the poster.) Van Doorn's goal was to create a pinball machine that functions as more than just a game; he wanted to transform the machine into an art-making device, one in which the final design is based on the interaction between human and machine. Of course, he notes, the better your pinball game, the better the poster you create in the end.

STYN [Sam Van Doorn via fubiz]