I Wish There Were More Avengers Fridge Jokes in Mockingbird's New Comic

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This isn’t necessarily a knock on Bobbi Morse’s first ever solo series, which began this week. It’s just that once you have jokes about touching Tony Stark’s sausage in the background of a comic panel, I kind of need to have more.


Incredibly minor sausage-related spoilers ahead for Mockingbird #1, by Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk, Rochelle Rosenberg, and Joe Caramagna.

My fascination with the fridge at Avengers Tower (or, more correctly, “Avengers Condemned Airfield in Brooklyn” in the “All-New, All-Different” universe) is not a declaration that Mockingbird #1 failed to grab me. It’s just that the visual jokes that Cain, Niemczyk and co. put into this first issue are downright delightful, painting a picture about the sort of banality behind superheroic life that you rarely get to see in a comic. Honestly, considering the comic’s cover has Bobbi engaged in some deliberately high-octance spy action, it’s kind of hilarious that the comic is mostly rather “normal”.


Which brings me back to the Avengers fridge, which comes to play in a flashback sequence while Bobbi is discussing her paranoia levels with her SHIELD doctor. That makes the quinoa gag pretty good, but it’s the notes on the fridge in the background that I love the most.

It might be because I’m a bit weird, but reading them, I want an office-y take on the Avengers. I could take or leave the bad-guy fighting honestly, give me The Avengers: The Office as a miniseries. I’d cherish that book. I’m almost going to be sad when Mockingbird moves on to the spy stuff, and leaves fridge jokes in its wake.

That means you too, Rogers.
That means you too, Rogers.

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Don’t touch it cause he has gonorrhea! I really enjoyed the comic and can’t wait for more. Silly but a good mystery and the cover promises lots of action.