I Was Already Having Kind of a Bad Week, and Then This Happened

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I know it sounds petty now, but we were having a giant office drama over whose bioengineering project should get more priority. Would it be the hyper-gymnosperm group, or the dire rodent group? Well, that whole debate came to a crashing halt when somebody else's project started to eat Los Angeles.


The show-offs over in the mega-squid group had decided it would be a really great idea to try a beta test in the wild. You can see how well that went over. But hey — at least it got us another five years of grant money.

This beautiful tentacle is the work of Pasadena concept designer Seokin Chung. You can see more amazing work on his website.

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"Hush, baby, its alright, we're safe now, Julie." Julie's mother hoped they were safe behind the police cordon, but the noise was still terrifyingly loud.

"But its all my fault, Mommy."

"Nonsense, how could that monster attack be your fault?" The girl was always full of strange notions, she got that from her father.

"Well, you know when I saw that falling star last night you said I could make a wish?"

"Yes, and you said you wished for something nice." For all the child-rearing books she had read, the kid still managed to flummox her.

"Well, I wished we could have sushi for lunch, but I wished really, really hard!"