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Today's comment of the day comes to you down the treacherous (and often unwalked!) path all the way from boredom to fandom. In a review of the second movie in the Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, commenter HighWiredSith shared the story of going from disinterest, to giving it a shot, to becoming a fan:

I got caught up in the anti-Hunger Games sentiment that I think had more to do with its being (wrongly) compared to the Twilight Series. I can only assume this spawned from what appear to be similar fan bases - legions of young girls. I finally caught the first film on Netflix and enjoyed it very much. I would even go so far as to call myself a fan at this point and having now watched the trailer having seen the first film, this new film looks fantastic. I hold my head in shame, admitting now that yes, I was one of those people who criticizes a film/book without having seen it, based entirely on other people's opinions.


It's not everyday that we step outside of our comfort zone to try something new, but when we do it can pay off big. What about you, folks? Is there a book or movie or TV show that you were absolutely, completely, utterly sure you hated, right up until the moment you tried it?

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