A balcony isn't just for standing on and declaring yourself master of your domain. It's also a beautiful architectural feature that can turn an ordinary building into something fantastic. These are some of the most amazing balcony designs we've ever seen.

VM Houses in Ørestaden, a district of Copenhagen, Denmark, shaped like a V and an M from above, 2005

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Hammokum, a balcony hammock by G10 Design

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The skyboxes of Willis (formerly named Sears) Tower in Chicago, Illinois

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The Mountain Dwellings (Bjerget) in Ørestaden, a district of Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group

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Quai de la Graille with wonderful wooden balconies in Grenoble, France, by r2k Architects

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Baufeld 10 in HafenCity, a district of Hamburg, Germany

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A housing project in Izola, Slovenia, by Ofis Arhitekti, 2006

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This one in Khabarovsk, Russia

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Teacup-like balconies, as a part of an advertising campaign in Japan

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Housing Hatert by 24H in Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2011 with perforated metal balconies

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The Isbjerget (Iceberg) in Aarhus, Denmark, designed by JDS Architects and CEBRA, 2013

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Pradenn Social Housing in Nantes, France by Block Architects, 2013

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The Avenue on Portage, by 5468796 Architecture in Winnipeg, Canada with mirrored balconies

The early-20th century Hample and Avenue Buildings were renovated by 5468796 after they had stood empty for almost two decades.

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A swimming pool between two buildings of Hilton Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand

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Another swimming pool on the tenth floor of the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas

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Lot 2, Jadins de la Lironde in Montpellier, France by the London-based Farshid Moussavi Architecture

The construction is set to begin next year.

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Only a design: Swimming Pool balconies for the 37-story high Aquaria Grande complex in Mumbai, India, designed by James Law

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Terasa 153 in Belgrade, Serbia by Sanjay Puri Architects

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Or why don't you use your balcony as a garage like these in Kiev, Ukraine and Russia?

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