I Want To Believe In X-Files Creator Chris Carter's New Area 51 Series

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Is Chris Carter returning to his alien conspiracy roots? His long-in-development series, based on Annie Jacobsen's best-selling book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, is finally in official development thanks to AMC.


It's not hard to see why AMC would find a show about Area 51 from the guy who created The X-Files so appealing, especially when its audience is already primed for creepy, supernatural genre shows like The Walking Dead. Here's the hilariously innocuous show description from AMC's upfronts:

A contemporary conspiracy thriller revealing the true story behind the infamous Area 51, America's most mysterious military installation.

It should be remarked, though, that the show won't necessarily be about aliens — but I think the odds of Chris Carter making an Area 51 show without aliens in it is slim, and the odds of AMC agreeing to put such a series in development even slimmer. But maybe it'll be about all the crazy, less extraterrestrial shit that supposedly went on in the base.

At this point, the only other thing we know is that Carter will write the pilot script and executive produce, alongside The Walking Dead's Gale Ann Hurd. All the other details are being suppressed by the government to be determined.

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I hope it centers around the young, hot-shot military pilot Diana Cullies, who discovers the nefarious secrets behind the infamous base when she's assigned to fly experimental planes built by scientifically brilliant but socially awkward rocket scientist Bob Lazar. This will, of course, mark the reteaming of Karen Gillan and Matt Smith in the starring roles, and unlike Carter's other pop cultural touchstone, "The X-Files," Cullies and Lazar will have sex in the first episode, because reasons.