I want this life-size bouncy inflatable Stonehenge

In the classic heavy metal mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, the band is bedeviled by an improperly sized recreation of Stonehenge. Such is not the case in Glasgow, where artist Jeremy Deller has not skimped on the megaliths.


For the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, Deller designed a full-scale inflatable version of Stonehenge that's free for passers-by young and old to jump around on. Titled Sacrilege, this public art installation allows you to pinball around Neolithic balloons.

This ersatzhenge encourages the kind of hands-on attitude that's kept tourists far away from the real thing for years. Says Deller of this 21st-century populist Stonehenge:

It's a very entry-level way into thinking about ancient history for five-year-olds. It's good to play with our history and culture. Stonehenge is part of British identity but no one knows what it was for [...] It's about tribes. It's not about politics. It's pre-political, literally.


You can see Sacrilege on display until May 7, when it will then go on tour and eventually wend its way down to London for the Olympics. Now if anybody wants to build an blow-up Lascaux Cave, I will throw money at that project.

[Via The History Blog]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

It's a great idea, but nothing is ore political. Ever since Og tried to convince Dor that protecting the settlement from saber toothed cats than foraging for tubers there have been politics.