I Want This Guy's 30-Pound Hulk Glove That Smashes Anything You Can Find

When a new Marvel movie featuring the Hulk hits theaters, you can usually find a pair of oversized foam Hulk hands at toy stores. They’re fun, but not as fun as a 30-pound Hulk glove made from steel that lets you smash cinderblocks and anything else you feel like breaking.

To create this unique cosplay accessory that probably leaves you feeling genuinely hulkish, YouTube’s The Hacksmith started with a 3D model which would usually be destined for a 3D printer. But instead of making one from plastic, he assembled the model using sheets of laser-cut steel, which were stacked and welded together to create what amounts to a sledgehammer you can wear. Watch it in action:

But don’t expect Hasbro to release something like this for when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters. Just think about how much damage your kid already causes with Hulk hands made from foam.



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That can not be good for your bones. My wrist hurts just watching the gif.