I Want This Custom Bluetooth Soundwave Boombox, Even if It Doesn't Transform

HELL yeah.
HELL yeah.
Image: YouTube

Optimus Prime and Grimlock were among the most popular Transformers characters from the original animated series, but Soundwave, who spoke like he’d swallowed a synthesizer, was undoubtedly every kid’s favorite. I still have the original toy, but as an adult, I want this custom Soundwave-shaped boombox even more.

Bob from the YouTube channel I Like To Make Stuff is the craftsman responsible for this amazing creation, using a combination of MDF for the speaker’s housing, foam for the buttons and other non-functional details, and a pair of Bluetooth speakers hidden away inside.

It’s completely functional, as long as in your mind “completely functional” doesn’t include the ability to transform into a 20-foot robot, or shoot transforming cassette tapes out of Soundwave’s chest. This version of the Decepticon really only excels at blasting tunes wirelessly streamed from a smartphone. If you’re looking for a way to make energon cubes, you’ll want to hunt for a different tutorial.


[h/t The Awesomer]

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But...Soundwave wasn’t a boom box. He turned into a 1:1 scale micro cassette recorder.
Blaster (the Autobot communications officer) was a boom box.