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The awesome sci-fi horror creature above comes from the art preview for Magic's next expansion set, Mirrodin Besieged. I have no idea what it is, but it's probably a black card (or possibly an artifact), and I definitely want one.

Artist's credit isn't given on the art preview page, and the multi-limbed monstrosity doesn't appear to have an artist's signature on the painting itself, nor can I discern the perpetrator by style alone. So whoever you are, wow. Freaking awesome.


What we really need to do is go nuts speculating about the set based solely on the art preview. First up, Karn, Silver Golem returns! And he sure does look a lot more badass this time around. He's long been rumored to be reappearing as a planeswalker (possibly a colorless one, although he can't be an artifact planeswalker).

Karn isn't the only blast from the past. It looks like blue artifact mage Tezzeret has booked travel plans for Mirrodin too. There have also been rumors for some time that he would return as a black planeswalker, and the art seems to support that, although an argument could be made for him being red, or red/black as well. I think black is more likely, since that color is due for a new walker.


And finally, a Mirrodinian enigma, something I did not see coming, and it makes me a lot more excited about Mirrodin Besieged: holy crap, are those Eldrazi?! Eldrazi bearing (and apparently bestowing) the mark of Phyrexia? I suppose they could just be Phyrexians, but something about them reminds me much more strongly of Eldrazi creatures than old-school Phyrexians.

Update: Mike Linnemann, a freelancer who writes for Wizards (and we can assume has seen the style guide and knows what he's talking about), reports via Twitter: "No eldrazi. I'm going to squish that bug all day today. They aren't on Mirrodin." Then he seems somewhat irritated that people suspect these things which look very reminiscent of Eldrazi are actually Eldrazi: "Sigh. There is no eldrazi influence. There are no eldrazi on Mirrodin. People just want a mash up so bad."


So, less excited now.

Updated Update: Mike mentioned that he's not speaking (or, uh, Tweeting) in any official capacity, just offering his opinion on the matter.


There's a lot more art, plus larger versions of this art, over at the official Wizards Mirrodin Besieged art preview page. It's worth checking out just for the amazing "Mirrodin vs. Phyrezia" battle image.

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