I Voted for the Lizard People Too!

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Minnesota Public Radio has a great feature on contested ballots from the recent U.S. election. Here is everybody's favorite, which opponents of liberal candidate Al Franken challenged as an "overvote" since the person voted for Franken AND wrote in a vote for Lizard People. [via MPR]


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As a Minnesotan...I'm surprisingly not embarassed, but rather amused. It shows that we do have a sense of humor afterall, though it can oftentimes be expressed in unusual (and perhaps in this case, inappropriate) ways.

I think the reason why it's considered an overvote is because the person wrote in "Lizard People" for the Senate too, even though they voted for Franken.

It's a tough call...but I probably would count it. I mean, in Florida, they counted write-votes for Donald Duck and Bill O'Reilly.