This week's Lost Girl had a little something for the Kenzi-Hale shippers, some action for the Wolfubus fans, and even a tease for Team Evony-Lauren. Yes, Evony.

The main storyline was about Ianca, a singing fae enslaved by Bamber the Barachian. Her songs can evoke powerful memories or even kill someone. I wasn't sure what her actual name was, possibly since everyone pronounced it differently throughout the episode. Uh-Yanca? Aye-Yanca? EEE-Yanca? Which is it? Well, I looked it up, and it's Ianca. They referred to her fae species as…an alchemist? I'm pretty sure that's what they said even though it makes zero sense. As long as we're all on the same page here. Which is the page that says, "Your recap author is a bit confused and it's early so things may get worse before they get better."

Ianca escapes her owner to find Bo, because at some point Bo encouraged her to do this. However, Bo doesn't remember it. Ianca's memory song only gives Bo a cryptic glimpse of her time on board the cosmic space train. Bo also left a note for herself in her own dagger, which basically says, "The singing bird lady is telling the truth."


Bamber, oozing entitlement, shows up to collect Ianca, so Bo arranges a performance of Ianca's "famous aria," though she has trouble finding a room in the Dal that isn't sticky from spilled beer or hot succubus lovin'. Speaking of which, Bo has a super steamy sex scene with Dyson in the barrel room. Lots of naked Bo and shirtless Dyson, some light bondage and Bo playing very rough. Since she's technically dark, her and Dyson aren't supposed to mix bodily fluids anymore, but the allure of forbidden fruit seems to push Bo's buttons. Shame that her grandpa walked in on them. All I can say is that Anna Silk wears motherhood well.

Ianca's gig is interrupted by a huge guy with steampunk goggles and a military uniform. They ID him as Marcus, a camazot (which is a sort of bat demon from Mayan legends). He's Ianca's former owner, so he and Bamber have a little back and forth about mutual dislike. They leave Ianca alone to recover, since her song drains her. Did anyone else notice that there was a random guy walking around with a gatling gun? It was never mentioned, but he was there, just hanging out with his gat. Ling gun. Meanwhile it turns out Ianca's crystal necklace is rigged to explode if Marcus presses his detonator. Kenzi runs off to Lauren's to find the "liquid volcanic argon" that will defuse the situation.


What's happening back at Lauren's place? Evony has stopped by to be real palsy and help Lauren move. She even brings pizza and beer (Dark Belch, 25% y'all). We get another peek at Lauren's geekiness, with her box o'Trek. Evony collects slightly more valuable stuff, mostly old books from famous fae. Einstein, Marie Curie, Faberge – all fae. In her sleeveless shirt, we get a great look at Evony's shoulders and upper arms. Seriously, did you notice the muscle she had going on there? Dyson is not the only one on this show who's ripped.

The crux of all this is that Evony wants Lauren to do medical work for the dark fae, and Evony wants it made very clear that this is an ethics-free zone. They're briefly interrupted by Kenzi wanting argon, but this leads to Lauren explaining that clear Atlantean crystals are already drained, blah blah. Anyway, Lauren steals a kiss from friendly Evony as she leaves, which Evony seems to enjoy. But later, Lauren strips a false skin layer from her lip, placing it in a sample dish for later DNA extraction/experimentation. Despite her "sophisticated bisexual friend" vibe, we all know Evony is evil, and so does Lauren. The two of them player Spy Vs. Spy with each other could be a lot of fun this season.

Back at the Dal there's a bunch of plot going down. Kenzi is jealous because Hale is old friends with Ianca. Ianca is really in love with Marcus and they use the fake explosion as a cover to escape. But it turns out Marcus wants to use a magic transmitter to broadcast Ianca's death song to kill all the Barachians. She thought he just wanted to broadcast their wedding announcement, which is pathetic/adorable. And if using his love to enact fae genocide isn't bad enough, her death song drains her so much it would kill Ianca too.

Everyone lines up to keep this from happening ("What is this, Soul Train?"), and Ianca turns her death song on Marcus. I actually thought this was very cool, since it wasn't some kind of crazy shriek, it was just a sad opera song. The concept of mournfully singing someone to death is very creepy and evocative.

Hale has to rescue Kenzi from the song – the death song seems tuned to a specific species of fae, but maybe it's just fatal to all humans. They finally share a real kiss. How long have we been waiting for that? Killer pants, too.

There are a few more interesting developments. For instance, Bo has a hand print on her, probably from the Wanderer/Rainer/her dad. In one of her memories, she found an iron crown with her name on it. She's started to realize that during the memory gap when she was on the Magic Bus, she set things in motion for reasons that remain opaque. This possibly includes joining the dark fae. Now she has to figure it out using the clues she left for herself. Shades of "Paycheck"!


At the very end, the Una Mens show up to punish Dyson for screwing a dark fae (Bo declares that she is not subject to their rules, and they apparently agree). Everyone takes turns making wolf faces. I'm assuming next week Tamsin shows up and outfaces them all.