There's plenty of silliness sitting in the margins of illuminated manuscripts, and the Tumblr The Discarded Image collects some of the goofiest of the goofy: cats licking their junk, murderous bunny rabbits, prankster monkeys, amorous animals, and tongue-wagging jokesters. But perhaps the highlight of blog is its extensive collection of butts, and the poop and fart humor that goes with it. NSFWish images below.

Evidently, the fart-powered trumpet was always good for a laugh, as was the pooping monkey. Personally, I'm rather partial to the floral scrolls that emerge out of sometimes disembodied butts. You can check out all the ass-themed marginalia on The Discarded Image, or explore the whole blog for tons of cartoony images that show just why these manuscripts provided such great fodder for Terry Gilliam's Monty Python animations.

The Discarded Image [via MetaFilter]