An unusual art show opened yesterday in a very tiny space: inside the ear of a gallery owner. Conceptual artist Joe Sola's exhibition of itty bitty oil portraits is less about the paintings than their venue.

It sounds like the subject of a magical realist story, or an eccentric detail from a science fiction travelogue, but it's Portraits: An Exhibition in Tif Sigfrids' Ear, which is showing through November 9th at Tif Sigfrids in Los Angeles. Sola has painted six oil portraits, ranging from 4/64 x 5/64 inches to 11/128 x 5/64 inches in size (each painted using an acupuncture needle), and has placed them in a white cube that sits in gallery owner Sigfrids' ear during gallery hours. So, when you try to visit the gallery inside Tif Sigfrids' ear, there is always a chance that the gallery will be in the bathroom or out to lunch.

Joe Sola Portraits: An Exhibition in Tif Sigfrids' Ear [Tif Sigfrids via FastCo via mental_floss]