The '80s weren't a great time for those living in the U.S.S.R., although those living in Moscow had it better than most. As the rest of the country dealt with bread and meat rations, those living in the capital had access to fruit (sometimes), soda (a treat) and could even see a movie (if you had the money). Here's a look at the "good life" offered by the Soviets during the '80s.

A Bus Station

A Ferris Wheel

An orange was a rarely-seen exotic fruit in the '80s Soviet Union.

Block Housing


Building Propaganda

Market Hall

Street Cleaning

A Flower Seller

One of the Seven Sisters

Roadside Fruit Stand

(Via English Russia)


A Fanta Soda Kiosk

The Melodiya Record Store

(Via Patrick Murphy/PBase)


Insoles Store

The GUM (a.k,a, the State Department Store), facing the Red Square.

Waiting in Line

The Mir Cinema in Zagorsk (now Sergiyev Posad).

"Glory to Labor!"

(Via English Russia)


A Dairy Store

(Via Patrick Murphy/PBase)


A Theatre

Limousines in Front of the Kremlin

The Lenin Mausoleum


The photos were taken by Aad van der Drift in 1984 and 1988, except when noted otherwise.