Everybody's still in shock that the critically lambasted The Purge massively won the weekend box office. What does this mean? Probably more cheap horror movies with zany concepts! Which, okay, sure.

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Veras Gunn

I saw the yesterday. I liked the concept, but oh my god did I hate those characters. I spent that entire movie hating each and every one of them for their sheer utter stupidity. They were all idiots, particularly the boy who not only put them in that entire situation in the first place, but puts them in more danger through out the entire movie and nearly gets himself killed because he doesn't have the fucking common sense to turn off his god damn flashlight while murderers are skulking around in his house.

This movie should have been a prime example of justifiable Darwinism, but they kept on getting saved in one way or the other, and it was so fucking frustrating. If they make a sequel, which they will because the movie made ten times what it cost to make this weekend alone in the states, they need to have characters that are not so obviously inept.