"I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth" and other Cthulhu-ian Christmas songs

Okay, admittedly, there's only one other Cthulhu-ian Christmas carol besides "I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth" here, and that's "Freddy the Red-Brained Mi-Ho," below. But I knew you guys wouldn't want to miss these two fantastic holiday tunes by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society (who happen to have composed several other Lovecraftian, non-holiday songs here). These songs are certain to get you in the Christmas spirit - and then for that Christmas spirit to be torn from your physical body and eaten by the Outer Gods who exist the eternal darkness beyond time. Ho ho ho!

[Via Geeks Are Sexy]


I know I'll get backlash for this and I concede that Cthulhu is pretty cool but please, enough people. Enough Cthulhu jokes and enough lazy memes with him in the background, it's like the new vampires or zombie or whatever for the internet.

I posit two statements:

1)Cthulhu, Lovecraft et al. are wicked cool.

2)Having to trudge through an avalanche of near-clone Cthulhu jokes every week is tiresome and I resort to whining about it on the internet to cope.