Sometime in the past three or four years there was a breakthrough in waffle-making technology that paved the way for simple appliances that can churn out the malty treats in endless novelty shapes. But during that waffle-making revolution, one machine has leaped ahead of the pack with its ability to make tiny, perfect, edible Millennium Falcons.


Producing a Millennium Falcon for breakfast that’s as picture-perfect as this one is probably going to take a lot of trial-and-error before you figure out the exact amount of batter needed. But you get to eat both the successes and the failures so no matter how the freighter turns out, os it’s a win for you.

Cleaning is supposedly easy thanks to stainless steel plates with a non-stick surface, unless you punch the browning dial all the way to its maximum setting and nuke your waffle like so many Death Stars before it. You can grab one on Amazon for $40, and you might as well stock up on maple syrup while you’re at it.

[Pangea Brands via Amazon via 7Gadgets]

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