House pillows. Rep your liege lords in comfort.

Jon Snow Statue. Sure, it's $350 – but he's so dreamy.

Robb Stark replica sword. The North remembers – with this sword

Pint glass set/shot glass set. Now when your favorite character dies, you can drink away the pain in style

Full world map. Didn't realize how big the whole world is? Now you do.

Game of Thrones the board game: 2nd edition. This is more than 6th months old BUT not enough people have it and it's seriously the best board game ever. I played this game more than I did homework in college.

Mockingbird pin. Want to let your friend know you realize they're a scheming little bastard? Buy them this.

Game of Thrones season 3 blu ray. Kind of goes without saying.

Zip-up hoodie. Winter is coming, so zip-up and watch out for the Others

Lunch box. With this, you or your child will be the true king of the lunch room.

The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister. Finally, the book you've all been waiting for. Wait, it's not the 6th book? Damn it.

Valar Morghulis shirt. Because all shirts must die. Or something.