This Jaws-Inspired Nautical Poster Is Just Brilliant

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Artist Anthony Petrie makes charts and maps that pay tribute to classic movies, and we're particularly in love with his incredibly clever Jaws "Chum Chart," an imaginary nautical chart featuring the fictional Amity Island.


Petrie's solo show Charts opens at Gallery 1988 West in Los Angeles on January 9th, when many of his posters will be available for sale. You can see more of Petrie's work at his portfolio site and his Behance gallery. Plus, you can read and interview with Petrie and check out a few of the posters that will be in the show at Things to Do in LA.

[via /Film]


I may have spent several minutes squinting at the picture trying to find the lighthouse.

I like they apparently named a part of the water after the first victim of the movies. Though seems strange to name a bay after her drunk would be swim partner.

Now I want to watch Jaws 1-3 again! I love Jaws but there is only so much of 4 I can put up with. It suffers from being boring while 3 was at least fun.