Watch The Full Diva Dance Opera Performance From The Fifth Element

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We only catch glimpses of it in the film, but here you can watch French actress Maïwenn Besco's entire green screen rendition of the Diva Dance Opera performance from The Fifth Element, in all its arm-flapping glory.

The voice you hear isn't Besco's (who is lip-syncing), but Albanian opera lyric soprano Inva Mula's. The aria she's performing is "Il Dolce Suono." Here's how the performance appeared in the film:



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I loved the everlasting shit out of this movie, and it deserves more love than it's getting right now. And that diva scene was something I had never seen in a sci-fi action movie before. It was, in a word, sublime.

A fresh and innocent Milla Jovovich, a laconic Bruce Willis, the Moebius-inspired design, that Metal Hurlant vibe, plus Gary Oldman chewing the scenery AND Chris Rock as green, green, green Ruby Rhod! It was a space adventure featuring a bickering, motley crew of clueless and unwilling misfits bound together on a noble quest that predates Farscape and the movie version of Guardians of the Galaxy (which I also adore).

What's NOT to love?