The Science Fiction Tech That Will Never, Ever Become Reality

Illustration for article titled The Science Fiction Tech That Will Never, iEver/i Become Reality

Science fiction has a pretty good track record of telling us what kinds of technologies (submarines, credit cards, cellphones) we should be expecting years, sometimes many decades, before they actually show up. But some technologies never make it out of our imaginations.


Tell us in the comments about the science fiction technology that you never expect to make the jump into the real world, and also tell us why (Too complex? Too dangerous? Too expensive to get right?) you think the case is so hopeless.

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Star Trek style teleporters. For all the the issues with them not being able to work without teleportation pads on both sides the biggest issue for anyone using them would be the fact that each time you use one it KILLS YOU and replaces you with a duplicate on the other side.