I Hope This Kid Appreciates How Awesome His Custom-Made Star Wars AT-ST High Chair Is

What’s the age cutoff for using a high chair without looking super awkward? I’m hoping it falls somewhere just north of 40 so that I can retrace Matthew Regonini’s steps and build a larger version of this wonderful AT-ST high chair for use in my office.

Regonini’s version was built just large enough to accommodate his son, who appears to be creeping up on toddler age. Instead of cutting everything by hand, a CNC machine was used to quickly slice up a few sheets of plywood into the various parts that could be attached and layered using glue and fasteners.

It’s still not a custom build for a novice carpenter, but it’s as good an excuse as any to get started on the workroom you’ve always dreamed of setting up.

[YouTube via Hackaday]

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Whoever made it probably gets more enjoyment out of it than that kid ever will.