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I Have No Idea What This Is, But I Love It So Much

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This is the weirdest trailer I have ever seen. What is happening?! All I know is that there are Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger-esque figures, a tumor in the collective unconscious, a Hindu god, hip hop, and lots of talk about kinky sex (yes, it's safe for work).


The movie is called Struggled Reagans, and I want to watch this trailer over and over. Here's what the filmmakers have to say:

It's Morphin' time! There's a tumor in the collective unconscious, and it's up to 6 young people to draw on its power to become the Struggled Reagans! Armed with Metaphysical super powers, A giant robot, and perverse sexual fetishes, they can defeat an ancient Hindu god and his googley eyed monster...Right?


Learn more about the mystery on the Struggled Reagans website.

[h/t Jim Munroe]

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Lightspeed costumes with Jungle Fury helmets?