Could A Sound Of Thunder be the worst time-travel movie ever? Loosely (very loosely) based on a Ray Bradbury story, Thunder tells what happens when time-traveling dinosaur-safari tourists accidentally step on a butterfly 65 million years ago. Yes, really. A butterfly. The resulting changes to the time stream happen in "waves," which leave structures in the present intact, but cover them with more and more vegetation. In this scene, awesome scientist Catherine McCormack manages to send Edward Burns back to fix the time disruptions... just before a wave hits and she turns into a fish-woman. D'oh. Click through for another great moment. There are just so many great scenes in Sound Of Thunder, like all of the moments where Ben Kingsley, sporting an insane fauxhawk with a life of its own, keeps spouting off. (Sample Kingsley line: "Time itself is being turned upside down, and you're running around with a toothbrush worrying about your pension.") But the greatest may be this scene, after the changes to the timeline have unleashed a whole swarm of half-baboon, half-dinosaur creatures. (Seriously, this movie is like the anti-Primer.) And one of the scientists gets injured and does the whole "Leave me behind, go save yourselves" bit. (And it actually works.) He sits there waiting to be eaten by dino-boons (babosaurs? daboons?) and decides to give a little speech to his kid (who's not there) about astronomy. Classic! [IMDB]

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