I Got Them Alien-Possessed Trucks Taking Over The Planet Blues

If you're going to have to explain the most demented scifi plot in the universe — aliens using a comet to take over trucks and other machines, to wipe out humans before an invasion — it really helps to have someone nice mopping your face with a washcloth. And some bluesy guitar from AC/DC probably doesn't hurt either. Just ask Emilio Estevez, who's got the most ideal situation ever to explain the most ridiculous plot of all time, in this clip from Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive. Click through to see Emilio finally getting his own back at those 16-wheeler bastards.

That Green Goblin truck has been pushing and pushing, forcing the humans to be its diesel-pumping slaves until they dropped. It's totally asking for a rocket to the noggin, and Emilio takes requests. I have no idea why writer/director King reportedly refers to Overdrive as a "moron movie." Again, note the AC/DC soundtrack. Sweet!


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Ed Grabianowski

Holy crap, I absolutely love this movie. I will drop whatever I'm doing and sit down and watch the whole damn thing anytime it comes on the USA Network or TBS or whatever. "Adios, motherfucker" has been my personal catchphrase for years. I even worked it into my wedding vows.